ClinicFiler EHR Your Electronic Medical Record Manager ClinicFiler is is a delightful and easy to use EHR manager. It uses standard SOAP based notes to allow you manage patient history in harmonious manner. The ePrescriptor module ships with more than 25000 medicines, allowing you to effortlessly generate prescriptions for your patients.
Last, ClinicFiler saves your data securely in the cloud, allowing you to view it from any computer, any time.
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Patient Management

ClinicFiler is an easy way to store and manage your patients' file. You can add your patients' check ups and visits information through simple predefined templates. You can even tweak those templates according to suit your requirements and needs.

  • Records: Create new patients record.

  • Profile Pictures: Upload patient profile picture.

  • Add information to records:
    • Contact information.
    • Past, social and family history.
    • Records notes following the standardized SOAP note format.
    • Allergies.
    • Insurance.
    • Vaccines.

  • Charting: Track patients’ vitals through charts.

  • Search: Search for your patients through all your stored patient records.

  • SMS: Contact your patients using our SMS service. This feature can be used to remind patients about important information or to confirm their appointments.

  • Medications: Access an extensive medicine list that contains more than 5000 medicines extracted from the Ministry of Public Health and assign them to a patient's prescription.

  • E-prescriptions: Generate an e-prescription for patients. This will enable you to print and give the patient his copy of the prescription.

  • Documents: Supplement your patient file with documents: scanned records, X-rays etc...


  • Stars: Add a star to your specific patients distinguishing them from others.

  • Tags: Label your patients and visits with color coded tags.

  • Assigning Clinics to Visits: Simply add your clinic(s) that way you can assign a specific clinic to each visit.

  • Filtering: You can filter your patient files by tags, stars. In addition, visits can be filtered by clinics and tags and by dates.



ClinicFiler is hosted on a secure, reliable data center.

  • Access to your account is restricted to only you, using a genuine strong authentication mechanism based on a daily SMS authentication. Communication between you and our server is encrypted using Strong SSL.

  • We take security very seriously, especially when dealing with patient data. Your data is stored encrypted in our system using one of the strongest encryption algorithms in the trade.

  • One of the greatest benefits of this application is that you don't need to worry about the data backup. Forget about backups, system failures, electricity problems, your data is centrally managed in one professionally maintained system. Your data will be always backed up.


iPhone/iPad Application

A simple way to keep track of your patients on the go.

  • Review all patient interactions using your phone.
  • View charts and graphs of patient's vitals
  • Works with all iPhones (2G, 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4).
  • Always up to date with your ClinicFiler account


ClinicFiler is a very user-friendly web application; you could start using it in less than 5 minutes.

  • You can import all your patients’ files from the standard excel sheet and upload the information into the program.

  • Once logged in to ClinicFiler, you will be able to access our system no matter where you are: manage clinics from the hospital, access patient files and results from home, or SMS your patients while traveling.

  • The application works on Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

  • Clincfiler is
    integrated with the iPhone/iPad allowing you to sync all your patient files on your phone.

  • Language Support: For your convenience, ClinicFiler supports both English and French languages.


  • Whether you're on the road, visiting a hospital, or in any of the several clinics, your patient data will be a few clicks away.
  • Access your account securely from any computer, using any browser. It works on Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

Backed Up

Your data is centrally managed in one professionally maintained system to protect you from losing information due to system failures, or electricity shortage. .


  • Access to your account is restricted to only you, using a genuine strong authentication mechanism based on daily SMS.
  • Communication between you and our server and your data storage are encrypted in our system using strong SSL encryption.
  • The system is continuously audited for security as we put this subject at the heart of our business.

Extended Features

SMS your patients, Manage Medicines, follow allergies, Generate Prescriptions, Manage Clinics and much more...

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